The Story


INTEGRITY Branding & Advertising was proud to have lead along with Global Catering Services senior management team the inception of a new restaurant brand promising one of kind experience in the Dubai and soon in all of the UAE.

The VERDURA restaurant is the successful result by Global Catering Services group to create a deep Mediterranean fusion cuisine embracing flavors from countries such as Greece, Italy and the Levant (Lebanon and Syria). Inspired by the Mediterranean unique nature of sun, sea, soil, structures and greens, the VERDURA restaurant architecture is a true reflection of the brand’s essence “naturally natural” that reconnect guests with the elements of nature. A comforting space where customers feel nestled within organic Mediterranean type trees and other greens of which in part are planted and grown organically at VERDURA’s terrace.

VERDURA atmosphere is a Mediterranean paradise eatery on earth and one of kind retreat. The minute you enter it’s arena, a breath of fresh colors, a fresh air infused by smells of different herbs, accompanied by a genuine Mediterranean type welcome takes guests on a comforting journey away from the hustle and bustle of every day’s life.

Embracing how mother earth grows things, at VERDURA everything looks hand made and imperfect. This fact makes perfect sense to our guests as a testimony to the brand promise of being “naturally natural”.