Tailor Made Travel Branding

The Story

In the heart of every project is a single minded brand idea and a value proposition.  In this instance, the agency took the lead to help the client define the brand story and positioning prior to branding and brand design commencement.  

The objective set forth was to redefine travel experience beyond ticket transactions. Rather focusing more on the unique memorable customer experience. Accordingly the business proposition was to focus more on generating revenues from planning the trip vs. simply selling tickets. Therefore naming the company as “Tailor Made Travel” was inspired by a positioning mapping exercise undertook by the agency’s strategic planning team.

Branding and brand story was then crafted, coupled with all the necessary mirroring visual identity architecture and brand advertising that connects emotional land rationally.  Findings were unleashed through universal insights and human truth of the Middle East population – countries such as UAE (Dubai, Abu-Dhabi), Saudi Arabia (KSA, Jeddah and Riyadh), Lebanon (Beirut), Qatar (Doha), and Oman (Muscat).  This was done through thinking 360-degree communication such as ATL, BTL and or Digital Marketing.

The business of traveling beyond ticket sales now becomes planning and guiding each trip for clients to experience magical moments (relevant to their own wishes and life aspirations).  It is those moments that they will associate with the newly created brand identity forever.