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Different eras have developed its own method of communication and in the 21st century, social media has become a method, enabling users to express themselves, idea’s and views. It is widely used by almost all the companies to advertise, amplify awareness for themselves and to capture potential customers.  A large percentage of active internet users have joined social media network to share and discuss the company’s products or services. Social media offers limitless opportunities to interact with potential customers and it allows companies to establish a communication channel, market their services, build brand equity and in this era, consumers are in control as they have greater access to information. This is an advantage as consumers can be engaged in conversations and companies can collect consumer insights. Integrate successful stories on Facebook such as testimonials for companies are great strengths and also sharing social media strategy in portal advertising is vital to optimize and benefit the use of social media.

The quality of content plays a key role in the marketing strategy as it can help in elevating our target audience and the followers will share it with their own viewers on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. This will in turn open doors for new opportunities and these opportunities help in potential ways for viewers to find companies online. After publishing content, always be available online to participate in discussions as target audiences will reciprocate. The goal of this channel is to gain followers and get them to traffic into the company’s website.

By customizing the content, companies spread out on each channel, the audience will be able to conclude the overall tone. Each channel has unique qualities and audiences, therefore, companies should take time to enhance messages and this provides opportunities to connect with different viewers and your content can go to an extreme level. For eg: continuing to stay on top of the algorithm on Facebook is key when sharing content as this is what gains grip on the social network. Another eg: Twitter demands brief content and not too many characters can be used, therefore best way to connect with your audience, is by using pictures with the twitter audience.

While interviewing Integrity Marketing’s Managing Director and Strategic Communication Planner Mr. Joseph Chartouni, he reinforced the growing importance of social media marketing only if planned for and executed correctly. He mentioned that for any organization to undertake a committed approach to social media must first understand the relationship between what is social vs. traditional communication. He noted, it is a common myth in the Middle East region, in countries such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, Lebanon, Qatar, Oman and other countries where social media is scene to replace traditional marketing with the view to extend savings normally invested behind traditional media.  He then continued by saying that the core of any brand should be built on solid communication foundation that would engage all the senses. He sees different media types and communication channels importance to vary according to different times of the brand’s life stage. Engaging the human senses are essentials at the start of any relationship, and engaging customer’s senses through quality visual and audio communication elevate his or her trust to listen to a particular brand before trusting and adopting. Mr. Chartouni believes that the best marketing communication plan is the one that cultivate the strength of each medium to communicate and connect with customers and consumers through big brand ideas infused with solid relevant human insight that connects.

Written By:
Piya Krish
Account Manager

Notes: This article is sponsored by Integrity Marketing, a boutique branding and advertising agency headquartered in Dubai – UAE, providing complete integrated marketing communication while servicing different small and large businesses in cities around the Middle East region such as Dubai, Abu-Dhabi, Jeddah, Riyadh, Doha, Muscat, and Beirut.