Roemex Speciality Oilfield Chemicals Branding

The Story

The Roemex Brand look and feel was tasked to our branding and advertising agency to be upgraded. Today as part of the brand development, we helped transfer the new new logo mark from old to a newer brand story.

This new change comes as a sign of the Roemex company commitment to its own employees, to its clients, and to the future of the company. While crafting the improved identity, we ensured to satisfy all of the existing expectations of what the original mark stands for, while simultaneously moving the brand forward.

The new improved logo, with its forward thinking and modern feel represented by the abstract graphic mark “R” is what we captured to describe what the company does and whom it serves. This is coupled with solid foundation “Green Triangle” revealing the company’s commitment to planet Earth and to producing eco-friendly solutions.

Most importantly, the new improved identity is not only to demonstrate the focal point of whom Roemex serves and what it does, but to also demonstrate the corporate passion and commitment for how they deliver products and services to clients every day!