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The Story

The communication objective was to re-launch “Mazaj” in the UAE and achieve the needed awareness levels, as well as, increase the juice brand trial potential measures.  Integrity Marketing® was called up to review and re-launch the brand behind locally relevant UAE insights, and rejuvenated positioning; To be exploited through in market activation communication programs.

Our advertising communication planning team crafted a strategy that positioned “Mazaj” as being a rich and refreshing cool drink brought to consumers with a range of authentic Middle Eastern gourmet flavors that leaves you fulfilled with an after taste to savor that they will love to sip.  We supported the claim through the following reason to believe: Thirst quenching, Pomegranate, Lemon Mint, Apple-Orange Mint, Karkadeh, and Tamarind. Cool, easy to open bottle

The brand personality was then created to be a cool non-pretentious friend where I feel relaxed and can be myself with… He understands and appreciates me for me, as well as, he appreciates the good things in life and is full of life.