Marketing and Advertising for the Middle East Article 2

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Marketing and Advertising for the Middle East. Dos and Don’ts. A holistic safe communication solution. Part 1

Each country within the Middle East has its own dos and don’ts vis a vis executional. This is driven by either local market customers insights and or country own ministry specific regulations (influenced by own religious beliefs and practices).

For multinational and or international businesses looking in, looking to expand and or launch operations in the Middle East. This article represents Integrity Marketing opinion on how to best approach a holistic solution by following a bullet point set of rules.

  • Rule number one: Don’t underestimate the Arab customer intelligence. Arab as a consumer is a bargain hunter by nature. Though aspires to owning and consuming premium products and services, they analyze the total value equation of the deal versus before making final buying decision. This in by itself provides him and her sense of feeling intelligent. Moreover, it should put a specific buyer on his or her toes to continue improve product and services value proposition equation.
  • Rule number two: The product and service has to be relevant to the Arab customer lives. On both emotional and functional. Therefore, conducting qualitative research is as important as any quantitative research. Learning about customer’s feelings and attitude are key to securing product acceptance and adoption.
  • Rule number three: Don’t think you are alone in the market. While in the past, the Arab world was hungry for product and services coming from international markets. Today, they are more than ever presented with hundreds if not thousands of choices. Over time, they are becoming more brands conscious and demanding. While they are willing to listen to brand promises, they are not willing to compromise on product and services performances. They want to get what they paid for.