Joseph Chartouni – CEO Integrity Marketing

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The Story

Integrity was born in the Middle East for Middle East markets..

Joseph Chartouni – formerly VP marketing, HSBC Bank ME – has launched an integrated marketing solutions outsourcing company called Integrity advertising and marketing agency, Dubai, UAE.

The company offers integrated research services product/service innovations, relationship marketing, brand marketing, brand development and brand planning, creative and media management delivered through a boutique agency.

“Integrity was born in the Middle East for Middle East markets. Although the concept of marketing outsourcing is in its infancy in the Middle East, those clients that try us are catching up on the added competitive value sound marketing consultancy brings to them individually and to the business. For instance while the war for talent goes on and on you can have veteran talent supporting you and your business with an email and/or a phone call. Integrity sits in the center first and foremost and works with clients to audit the brand and brands propositions and then integrates the various required marketing services through its supporting network of specialists.”

Above text is an extract fromBrand extensions, GMR – Integrity launch