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A Marketing Consultancy and a Creative Agency in one..

Integrity Marketing has championed the UAE market for the last three and half years providing solid marketing consultancy and creative communication solutions to a roster of clients from Governments, to major investment holding companies, real estate and chemical companies.

Since its inception, Integrity Marketing has been a totally different kind of an agency, such as being a Marketing Consultancy and a Creative Agency in one. Accordingly, clients were finding the two in one services to be the right mix needed to sustain UAE and the Middle East market challenges. The company went on winning itself considerable major real estate and government projects; to name a few – MERAAS DEVELOPMENT (Parent company for Jumeira Gardens City) , Nakheel, Dubai Infinity Holdings, and Dubai Chamber of Commerce.

As confirmed by Integrity Marketing senior management, selling blue ink on loads of confusing paper to justify an agency’s budget no longer works. Clients more and more are looking for practical executable solutions with tangible “paying back results”.

One key question to ask is how a small start-up company was able to win these major relationships. Following further probing into the matter, it appeared that Integrity Marketing was doing nothing traditional marketing consultancies/creative agencies were doing. It simply planned and convinced its client’s to invest proper thinking time through upfront planning, to build its’ services on sound marketing solutions.

For instance, Integrity Marketing would apply research and brings forward global learning models, before starting to craft its’ own creative communication planning and executions; leveraging in the process its own proprietary tools and senior management own Middle East experience. For instance, with any new relationship, the process almost always started with studying the client business structure, its’ products and services, and its environment. While the process almost always ended landing on unique and own-able positioning space.

To many, the company Integrity Marketing was also seen as a true coach, raising flags on weak performances, whilst also highlighting business opportunities that would help build brands and its clients’ business.

To its clients, Integrity Marketing was anything but a passive marketing communication supplier as it would refuse to provide marketing services on the run. The Integrity Marketing team would take it up on themselves to do the needful preparing the ground for solid marketing solutions. This resulted in a true client / agency partner relationship and trust.

Following the real estate market crash in 2008, and start of 2009, the company has started to acquire FMCG clientele. Since then, it has created a one of a kind Direct and Interactive Marketing unit called “Integrity Direct”. This unit brought on board veteran Direct Marketing consultants with years of relationship marketing experience. The same team leveraged its past experience and learning from the Airline and Automotive industry, while it brought forward modified or industry specific thinking and tool, to share with its current FMCG and Retail clients.

With recent account wins such as California Gardens (Gulf Food Industries), Integrity Marketing is sure making head ways gaining the right reputation as being a company that does everything but marketing on the run.

With various other agencies closing down and leaving the country, Integrity Marketing has only grown and kept a positive view on tomorrow. Not only have they expanded into an office twice the size of the previous one in the convenient location of Fairmont Hotel, they have also introduced new talents into an already motivated team.