Integrity Branding Advertising Corporate Vision – Interview with Joseph Chartouni (Integrity Branding & Advertising Managing Director – CEO).

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The Story

We are moving with grit in 2015. We saw the company develop from a client by client branding and advertising agency, back in 2007, to multiple clients and projects together in 2014 and hopefully beyond. This is the best testimony that we are in the right business; adding unique value to businesses in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, as well as, when servicing regional and international companies around the world.

Our corporate culture can’t be better. Clean, loving, caring about each other before starting to care about our clients businesses the same way. We can be said to be a creative family, made out of few good talented and determined people to succeed!

In an industry where it is becoming impersonal, rating clients relationships by their level of spending, we remain true to the value of our relationship with clients beyond money. We know if we do great work that the money will come as a genuine reward for our efforts. We are in the business of people after all. Clients, consumers, customers and us are simply people. We think, we react, we feel, we love and we act to purchase and re-purchase!

Most of all, our Grit to this business of creativity is simply driven by our quest for big brand ideas.  For us, it is a never-ending story and constantly searching for human truth. So we craft big brand ideas around those unleashed human insights. Hence the human truth becomes the foundation behind any work we do. 

No idea is good enough if it does Not touch others and me. No idea is good enough if it does Not relate to the brand aspirations and brand benefits. No idea is good enough if it is Not honest while building unique and enduring relationship between the brand and it’s customers.

As for where we work, our office is our creative shell. We like it, and feel comfortable being within for minimum eight hours a day.  It feels, smells, and is plastered with Grit everywhere. It comes to life through our actions. We do have a culture, and I can’t say it was hard to work on to achieve. Our spirits and values all melt in together nicely. For those who share our values, they tend to stick with us for a long time. This holds true when dealing with our suppliers and clients alike. We see them as an extension to us, and therefore, we are loyal to those who share the same values on the outside.

We are looking ahead with the same Grit we started with almost eight years ago. In the years ahead, we will be welcoming new talents, new businesses and clients. But one thing will always remain the same, our Grit! It’s in our DNA. We will move with Grit to always do better, to never lose focus, to feel and express human needs and insights translated into big brand ideas that produce great results. Finally, we will move with Grit to ensure that great work will always be a sure condition, and so what’s left we will do with Integrity!

February 2015


Note: This article is sponsored by Integrity Branding & Advertising. A boutique branding and advertising agency headquartered in Dubai-UAE. The creative agency provides complete integrated marketing communication (branding, advertising and digital marketing solutions) for industries such as real estate branding and advertising, government and cities branding and advertising, hospitality branding and advertising, FMCG branding and advertising, lifestyle branding and advertising. Servicing various small, large private and government sectors around the Middle East region such as in UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi), Saudi Arabia (Jeddah, Riyadh), Qatar (Doha), Oman (Muscat), and Lebanon (Beirut).