How Brands Advertising Should Be Dressed Up in 2015. (Strategic Communication Approach for Dubai, Abu-Dhabi, Jeddah, the UAE, KSA and the Middle East in 2015).

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The Story

Is 2014 the year of “Naked Branding & Advertising” in the Gulf countries and the Middle East?

We ask ourselves the reasons why the Middle East cannot create global enduring brands? We could easily answer, the Middle East market is brands consumer countries and not brands producing markets. Largely driven by the lack of true consumer insights and big brand idea embedded in the works.

Whilst the prime responsibility of a branding and advertising agency in Dubai, Abu-Dhabi (UAE), Riyadh, and Jeddah (KSA) is to create effective advertising, fueled by true human insights, equitably it remains the duty of the client-marketing department to search for and assess the sole of every brand message being delivered. If we look into the FMCG and or real estate categories for branding and advertising, we clearly realize the lack of message consistency, as well as, lack of inherent consumer insights, brand aspirations, and most of all a lack of unique brands souls.

We can stop Naked Advertising! The corporate branding and advertising can be more prepared to behave like curious journalists in search for the truth. At Integrity Branding and Advertising in Dubai, we call it searching for the brand truth. Clients looking to undertake real estate branding and advertising in Dubai, retail branding and advertising in Dubai, government branding and advertising, and or fast moving consumer goods branding and advertising campaigns in Dubai and Abu-Dhabi, they should be more ready to play the role of a media station filtering out and keeping in the good work. The yardstick was and will always be human insights and more of it.

Marketers in the Middle East might have learned well to become excellent traders, but they have yet to understand the truth behind building brands, beyond packaging, sales, and stocks counts. Naked brands should be dressed up with local consumers insights, before it is delivered through big brand ideas that connects rationally and emotionally with the Middle East target market. Established brands and or business start up could then be on their way to defending itself against established and new international brand entrants. If marketers and their companies could invest more time to unleash and apply human truth into the brand communication, it is more likely then not stocks in warehouses will begin to sell off at higher value. In fact, as a result of brand customer connection, demand creation will follow, where businesses become more sustainable.

I have come across many client briefs in 2014 asking to create brand identities such as “we want a logo” for corporate or product brands. A number of those briefs also asked to create themes for government or private business events. Other part of the brief also requested websites, print ads, outdoor ads, radio commercials and corporate brochures. In most, all briefs fell short of asking for insightful brand stories or for winning big brand idea advertising!

Where is the big brand idea? It will be where the communication beef is! (i.e. where the target market insights is)!

Bigger marketing budget in the Middle East is being spent selling off and developing international brands. Businesses find it easier to launch ready-made international communication. Little known that more profit can be generated if one creates genuine and insightful home grown branding recipes at home.

It is time the local marketing and advertising industry in the Arab world to start realizing the importance of insightful branding and or brand advertising. This should translate to invest little more time doing brand research and communication planning. Local markets could start discovering product insights to help relate brands to customers’ lives. All GCC countries companies such as in Dubai, Abu-Dhabi, Sharjah, Jeddah, Riyadh, and or Doha, Muscat and all others, will become big brand idea and brand soul originators and exporters vs. importers. This will also mean more brand value created through attracting new clients and customers from around the world. It will also result in growing local and regional businesses wealth, as well as, creating new jobs here at home. In this same process, greater wealth and new jobs are then created for all Arab nations.

It’s time we dress up our brand advertising in 2015 with solid consumer insights. Leveraging more consumer research and findings in the process, before translating it into big brand ideas.

We at Integrity branding and advertising are responsible to lead by example. We chose to become a key contributor to building strong brands in the U.A.E and the rest of the Middle East. We will challenge the status quo in communication to bring about the difference. We will help local small and large businesses to be more aware about the importance of brand building and brand value creation. Only then will mark the end of the Middle East naked brand truth, and start becoming originators of brands that could stand strong to grow within own nation and to travel beyond own borders into the world.

Welcome 2015, the year of insightfully dressed up branding and advertising campaigns. Happy New Year!

Prepared by:
Joseph Chartouni
Managing Director-CEO
Integrity Branding & Advertising

Note: This article is sponsored by Integrity Branding & Advertising. A boutique branding and advertising agency headquartered in Dubai-UAE. The creative agency provides complete integrated marketing communication for industries such as real estate branding and advertising, government and cities branding and advertising, hospitality branding and advertising, FMCG branding and advertising, lifestyle branding and advertising. Servicing various small, large private and government sectors around the Middle East region such as in Dubai, Abu-Dhabi, Jeddah, Riyadh, Doha, Muscat, and Beirut.