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Franchise concept store has been mushrooming in the UAE (Dubai & Abu-Dhabi), Saudi Arabia (Jeddah & Riyadh), Levant countries and almost everywhere across the GCC over the last decade. Historically, we have seen franchise business being imported into the ME, this is until recently whereby ME clients and branding agency experts learned the name of the game and started creating own ME store franchise concepts and exporting to overseas market.

Taking an overview on this new trend, and evaluating those who made it and those who did not, we discovered a key point of difference. Those who made it, almost always had an intrinsic brand value and unique customer experience embedded within the franchise proposition i.e. having a point of difference and a reason to exist. In fact, successful businesses have even carried unique brand cultural stories, separating them from imported world franchise concepts. Those unique franchise concept stories work to attract, welcome, and invite customers from all walks of life, over and over again.

Concept stores such as restaurants, retail shops, are driven by creating and delivering unique memorable customer experiences that work to ignite and amuse the human senses. This is planned for and activated to please and entertain hearts and minds of the shopper i.e. involving him/her to entertain the mind, sight and sound, touch and taste. Just imaging a mind movie working the minute it is exposed to the franchise façade look and feel. At first exposure customers experiencing the concept store is more like watching a movie trailer. If interested, and once he and or she is inside the store, the show starts!

The concept of franchising your own business or creating a new franchise idea continues to evolve. A number of emerging entrepreneurs from small medium size establishments, and conglomerate businesses wishing to compete locally and expand overseas within the UAE (Dubai, Abu-Dhabi, etc.), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA, such as Jeddah and Riyadh), the Levant (Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and Egypt), are discovering how fast and most efficiently they can expand into their own branding concepts to go and flourish beyond own boarders.

Although establishing a new concept store idea can be an enticing business opportunity, it can also be a very risky adventure. To manage the risk, serious investors and managers alike appoint professional franchise branding agency expert.Those experts provide the experiences and support needed to give the idea a successful turnkey franchise solution. Beyond crafting, narrating, and visualizing the brand story, the branding experts are completely responsible to provide workable solutions that are extended into a list of dos’ and don’ts. More often, they guide their own clients to the select right interior and support them on legal matters. Whereby, all will work as one team, making the road to success shorter and sweeter.

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Joseph Chartouni

Managing Director-CEO

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