Emirates Competitive Council (ECC) Brochures

The Story

The ECC team partnered with Integrity Marketing to redefine the organization brand role, through revisiting the brand positioning and creatively reintroducing the role of one of PMO most important sub-entities at the time. The corproate brochure was the outcome of the agency proposed to bring about the seven emirates of teh UAE through working together under the vision of The Future in Sharp Focus.

Additional ongoing projects were also tasked to participate in the creation of communication positioning for UAE vision 2022 and 2030. Moreover, we have been privileged to have been written the nation’s communication strategy to improve country rating and attract foreign direct investment into the country.  This is among the few key initiatives that was shared and approved by all ministers.  Moreover, we have been tasked and successfully delivered project video theme revolving around the idea of “People Are Proud to Share Their Experiences with the Nation” (involving SMEs, Education, and Mid-Size Corporations in the Process).