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In fast growing markets for the real estate segments like the GCC and the Middle East, most companies focus on aligning their operations behind their brands. Real estate branding is complex as the standard of value creation for both customers and consumers is not always widely understood in the business and branding field.

In the real estate industry creating value begins by adding value to people’s lives in terms of offering them a better investment, a better lifestyle, a better community or a better home. Once this value is created, conveyed and perceived by consumers, this in turn transformed into an economic value, which is directly linked to the brand equity. Highly experienced and strategic branding and advertising agencies in the UAE (Dubai/-Abu-Dhabi), in Saudi, and across the Middle East should invest time to understand the decision buying behavior process and what influences it, prior to getting on the drawing board to craft a real estate development or a project value proposition and an advertising message. 

This notion behind hiring specialized branding and advertising experts increases the performance of the company mother brand value (builds strong and effective brand equity), as it will have immediate influence on the business and its success with the future projects.  Coupled with continued success and growing customer satisfaction, at the fulfillment stage, will increase the brand value.

The appealing fragment of this principle is its empathy. In this case, the real estate master brand (or the mother corporate brand/or endorser brand) will be offering its customers a higher standard of living, and in return the company gains customer satisfaction and their attachment to the brand, which will even be recommended to others. This is a win-win situation where value is created at both sides of the equation.

Marketing, branding, advertising and communication (in all its forms, digital, online and offline, customer experience exhibition stands etc.) is vital as it highlights the endorsement role in which the master brand brings to new projects. The key ingredients which need to be pronounced in real estate projects are (i) The core brand value, (ii) Values and (iii) Personality. When these ingredients are pronounced the value transfer will be noticed when new projects from the same brand start reaping extensive recognition in a short period of time. This recognized credentials of the master brand will start travelling around the property developing market and will start attracting new customers and different target group.

As once read, in the real estate business, brand value can be compared to ornaments, i.e: combining semi-precious stones and linking these with a common thread to form a piece of jewelry. Each element added to this string not only adds value to the piece of jewelry but also gets more value by being a part of the same string along with the other elements. The high level of harmony and the different fit between each other will drive the overall value of any real estate brand.

Branding is crucial to the success in the development industry as branding helps in defining the fragment of the land and it builds a vision as a place which formulates the story. Branding must play a vital role in the real estate development because without branding they will have a hard time to be distinctive amidst the common market place.

At Integrity branding, advertising and digital solutions, we try to understand the dynamic of the real estate branding and advertising segment, and apply our proprietary strategic communication planning tools or real estate branding and advertising. Because we understand that all will boil down to the level of one on one relationship between the brand and its customers. It is about trust and more trust established before connecting to create affinity that the brand can project and endure to grown own customer base in certain market such as Dubai, Abu-Dhabi, and KSA.


Prepared by:

Piya Krish

Account Manager

Integrity Branding, Advertising & Digital

Note: This article is sponsored by Integrity Branding & Advertising. A boutique branding and advertising agency headquartered in Dubai-UAE.  The creative agency provides complete integrated marketing communication (branding, advertising and digital marketing solutions) for industries such as real estate branding and advertising, government and cities branding and advertising, hospitality branding and advertising, FMCG branding and advertising, lifestyle branding and advertising. Servicing various small, large private and government sectors around the Middle East region such as in UAE (Dubai, Abu-Dhabi), Saudi Arabia (Jeddah, Riyadh), Qatar (Doha), Oman (Muscat), and Lebanon (Beirut).