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There is something special about the exquisite atmosphere you feel through those genuine, old built, narrow streets of Beirut. Be it its sound, the common noise of somebody’s heels walking down the stoned alleys; its panoramic views, those that open your eyes for the sunset reflecting on the waters or those house lights going all dim in the night; but most of all – a delicious aroma coming from local diners, soaking the entire city in its beautiful smell. One can truly say: old streets of Beirut are captivating. Like that, somewhere down those pavement walkways, the idea of “Beirut Restaurant & Grill” was born: a simple, yet authentically delicious place ready to share its expertise with more than Lebanon itself; since this new restaurant had to become something special, something different from usual this time around, something bigger and for a larger audience.

Having chosen Dubai as its first and main hub, it was the year of 1997 when the restaurant opened its doors to the first clientele. As diversified as it could be, Beirut startedoffering its customers a wide range of Lebanese, Middle Eastern and Western cuisine specialties. With its high quality goods and a large variety of well-made delicacies, the restaurant easily acquired a great deal of customer loyalty – where people started choosing Beirut Restaurant & Grill as one of the best dining go-to places for years ahead.

time Beirut was present in several places across Dubai and even Abu-Dhabi, having opened both restaurants and food court joints across the Emirates – the development curve of the diner hit its maturity stage. While the country itself was getting over flooded with brand new concepts and restaurants, with some of them similar to Beirut, and a large customers’ switch towards overseas’ dining approach – it was getting obvious that time for changes has come. The old noble idea of Beirut being a cosy, nostalgic place where people would come to simply to enjoy the cuisine alone – had to be revitalized and taken to a whole new development level; it should have been spinning around more than just a ‘good food’.

Once Beirut took a decision for a creative rebranding project, it was obvious that a new niche-marketing concept had to be developed in order to let customers experience something that local Emirati market was yet missing out. An important, efficient marketing solution could easily help to renovate the old look & feel of Beirut, ensuring an astonishing guest experience, where sales and marketing initiatives would be tightly aligned and coherent. Considering Beirut’s honourable – more than a decade long – presence in the Gulf and the restaurant being one of the first pioneers of casual dining chains expansion, it was important to bring existing business objectives into the line alongside innovative business targets, thus to strengthen the existing customer experience and conjoin it with the dynamics of the overall dining market.

As soon as the need for a revitalization of the brand was approved, it should have included investments in the research, reinvention of the menu and redesign of the interiors together with elevation of the employees’ team work spirit. The main aim, however, has got to be a need to re-connect with existing customers by engaging and boosting their trust alongside a new level of B2C communication & starting fresh with a renovated brand identity.

And that is when ‘Integrity Marketing’ team got into play. As soon as the administration of Beirut Restaurant & Grill decided to address their concerns to Integrity Marketing agency, an intensive multi-channelled work took place.

The initial challenge was to figure out how to modernize the well accepted business concept, by making it even more exceptionaland authentic – thus allowing Beirut to fulfil both: its short & long-term goals in one shot. The latter option would enable the restaurant to go steps ahead and introduce the rebranded notion into the masses, targeting apotential synergy into an international level of franchising this time around. Increase in the customer interest, excitement for potential franchisees and stimulus of internal enthusiasm – has become a prerogative from now on.

A substantial marketing research was conducted by Integrity Marketing team in order to provide an understanding of the competitive environment and possible rivalries endangering the future success. It was vital to confirm that these new structural changes were significant enough to create a solid groundwork for the Beirut business to additionally expand into franchises in the future. The reinvention of the Beirut brand -had to enable it to stand out against the competition, through the reinforcement of commitment to provide the most delicioushigh quality & freshness Lebanese, Middle Eastern and Western cuisine.

Beirut had to reposition itself within the competitive industry, but at the same time do it in the way to accredit a possibility for a global entrance – where its presence, relevance, performance and bonding should all come into one place. In that way, Beirut would follow cores of vertical integration to endow an easier opportunity for internal and foreign investment growth through a decreased uncertainty together with a great deal of re-establishing works at the same time.

Throughout the course of its re-branding, Beirut would turn into a more memorable, meaningful, likable and protectable business model, where customers and establishers share same level of business satisfaction, which has become now an aim for the marketing team. With an impressive quantity of different casual dining concepts all around, new model for Beirut had to captivate more than just “taste” but the other 4 sensational senses altogether: being appealing to the sight with its renovated ambience, pleasant to the touch or smell and surely captivating with its oriental melodies to the ear. Keeping in mind the name “Beirut” and its motto “It’s all in the Mix” – looking through rich history, diversity of religions and cultures surrounding a beautiful Lebanese capital, it was then decided to build the brand story around what makes the city so unbeatably unique to the World and what could it be for Beirut Restaurant & Grill.

This is when Integrity designers came up with an idea of associating the new brand logo with those narrow, mosaic-like streets of Beirut of a bright colour-spectrum. The idea of bringing along all senses had its further impact on a decision to alternate the selling proposition through underlying the “experience” and “entertainment” as focal points. The new brand story had to come alive through a mixture of everything: its natural essence, design, setting and atmosphere of sensational customer’s complacency. It was agreed on for Beirut to become a nice get-away, relaxation destination rather than a simple diner point.
Further changes would touch the contemporary sleek interiors and an upgrade of the inner kitchen layout with a switch towards a better centralization for an advanced monitoring, reduction of a “bottleneck” effect and overall pre-eminence of the cooking experience. The experience of Integrity Marketing team collaborating on a project for the Beirut restaurant – helped to explore a new exciting business core consisting of a premise that investing in your own brand and a coherent re-structuring of an existing business model inspired by the identity, would inlong run enable your business to reach new heights such as entering a global market.

In the Middle East region, where food is an inevitable part of the culture, it is exceptionally important for the business to be always updated with the trends emerging on the dining market and going hand in hand with what’s on customer’s cravings list today. Considering that Beirut restaurant already had what was needed in the beginning – smart strategic locations, amazing cuisine and devoted clientele – it took it a professional marketing touch with a help of Integrity crew to reposition itself on the marketplace and upgrade its core values by adding the ‘essence’, as adding an imitable signature touch to what’s been already well known in the public. With its revitalized design, both interior and exterior, updated menu and brand new concept – ‘Beirut Restaurant & Grill’ is believed to represent a culturally rich, hospitable restaurant concept with an intention to satisfy and enchant customer’ senses all along on both: local and international franchising scales.