Alnarjis Hills – City Branding

The Story

Alnarjis Hills presented a unique challenge for Integrity’s creative planners and design teams. The opportunity lied in creating a unique brand story that illustrates and inspires what the city value propositions and what it aims to truly represent.

Starting from the name, represented by a unique flower, ranging with over a hundred different kinds, bringing harmony to the soul and engaging the human senses. The name, derived from the Arabic language, brings it’s identity home and ads unique zest to the new village carrying its name – Alnarjis Hills.

While the new hills vision is to distinguish between six principles: Identity, Quality, Design, Lifestyle, Community, as well as, Environment. On the other hand, Alnarjis Hills value proposition also holds a promising lifestyle ranging from six different locations covering: (i) residential, (ii) health care, (iii) business district, (iv) parks, (v) retail, and (vi) entertainment centers

From a visual perspective, be it in the name, the flower, and all of it’s components are key inspirations behind the inception of the brand identity and associated space branding solutions adapted all throughout. The final illustrative branding project output combined both the living in a flourishing, inviting, and peaceful community, and on top of rare geographical hills that made up the land in a middle of a renowned desert strategically located area within Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. 

The final work was simply the start of planting a unique brand identity visual story in the minds and hearts of the target prospects, thus elevating potential customers’ hopes and dreams to what will be harmonious living and sustainable lifestyle.

Finally, behind the proposed branding architecture we see people who will give the brand their trust in return. Reality then intervenes, and the brand will become top of mind, harnessing greater reputation in the Saudi market place and around the world.