Al Rehal Center in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

The Story

Our team was tasked to create a name for a 72,000 square meter multifunctional project in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. It hosted residential, offices, and hotel and a shopping centre.

Developing the name was almost as challenging as the whole project, for that we found it important to create a relevancy between the location, the culture trait as well as its purpose. “Al Rehal” Centre was then born. Given the importance of the location being in between Mecca and Al Madina Munawara, historically travellers used to “time out and about” in location they felt most comfortable, hence the name “Al Rehal”.

The symbol we created was inspired by the entrance of four different tents put in a circular arrangement to form a star and/or a centre space. The colours were chosen to be representative of the different centre value propositions. The outer and inner design of the centre’s structure were created in harmony to the centre’s identity look and feel.