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As we roll up our sleeves and jot down our thoughts on paper, we think about what the reader will take out from our message and how would it possibly benefit him/her? This is exactly what ‘marketing your thoughts’ is all about!
Theoretically, pricing, an advertising message, a drama, a product and a benefit, all are marketing thoughts packaged as information that are introduced by one party with the intent of getting it through to the second party. This is done to entice the receiver of the information to react in a beneficial manner. How is it done, and what are the primary means to transmit a message that leads to a successful execution? Many people are of the opinion that the best execution of successfully exposing a marketing message can only be done through a proper strategy.
It would be nearly impossible for anyone of us to exactly count the number of times, we were being asked, “Did you do Marketing for this specific industry and or for that particular industry?” If your answer is YES then the fear of the customer is negotiated a great deal but if your answer is NO then you have an uphill task to climb. The irony of this entire situation is that there are no benchmarks to decide whether marketing experience in one industry justifies a marketing company to label itself better than the competition. For instance, a marketing company can claim to have investment experience because it has invested some amount in the stock market, but that claim does not qualify the marketing company to claim that it has what it takes to produce profit for its customers. Does having an investment experience alone make that company better than its competing marketing company? The answer is a big NO!
So, here comes the point, from the very start of our journey, we at Integrity Marketing have firmly believed and successfully displayed that with intrinsic knowledge of marketing theories, marketing communications, strategic marketing planning, market research and 360 degrees executions of integrated marketing plans, we can take on any niche of any industry. However, this does not mean that we try the same solutions for different clients. We are aware that different industries have different business models and accordingly we modify our marketing and execution plans, keeping in mind the overall strategy. Our expertise at marketing were put in full limelight when we took on the challenge to market and brand Cities, such as, in Dubai, Abu-Dhabi, Cartagena, Bogota and many more. Moreover, among our target customers are factories, fashion industry, food industry and restaurant chains.
The only challenge in marketing is to successfully export marketing experiences from one industry to another. If a company is able to carry it off then even without prior experience, success will be inevitable.

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Written By: Mr. Joseph Chartouni
CEO, Integrity Marketing